Air Conditioners



Set up an appointment for a free in-home estimate by contacting us today. What you can expect during your in-home estimate is:

  • A certified Expert Heating & Cooling HVAC Advisor will come to your home and complete and hour-long, no-obligation and free of charge, assessment.
  • During your consult, a Expert Heating & Cooling HVAC advisor will inspect your current HVAC equipment and ask any necessary questions to better understand your project.
  • A heating solution will be recommended to improve comfort and efficiency.
  • At the end of your appointment, your Expert Heating & Cooling Advisor will provide you with fixed-price quotes and payment plan options that will best suit your needs.


After your initial in-home estimate, you can set up an appointment to have your equipment installed. At Expert Heating & Cooling, we offer the convenience of next day installation. Depending on the scope of work and type of HVAC equipment being installed, the installation process will take about 1 to 2 days.

We assure top quality service because are technicians are both licensed and certified. All furnace installation follows manufacture and regulation standards. After your initial installation, we perform a post-installation check to ensure all components are installed correctly and are in good working condition. Once the post-installation check is complete, your technician will provide a thorough walk-through of the installation of your new system to ensure a smooth transition.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. At Expert Heating & Cooling we truly care about our customer’s experience and want to assure that every costumer has a positive journey with us. After your installation, a Expert Heating & Cooling representative will contact you to ensure your expectations for your installation were met.


During your follow-up call, a Expert Heating & Cooling representative will guide you through some maintenance and protection plans necessary to keep your furnace in good condition. At Expert Heating & Cooling, we offer our clients strong guarantees backed by our Maple Care Maintenance and Protection plan.